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Farm Sitting

You have the best of both worlds: you live in the country so you can have your horses, but you’re close enough to Prince George that you can commute to work every day. It’s a great work/life balance. The only problem is when you want to go away. Who do you ask to look after your horses? You don’t want to ask your neighbour again! Now you don’t have to. El Shaddai Ranch is pleased to offer farm sitting services. You can plan a vacation and be 100% confident that while you’re away, your horses will be fed and watered and any emergency will be handled by a pro.

Sean Roberts shares your passion for horses and empathizes with your situation; it would be nice to be able to have someone you can trust look after your horses while you take a week or two to go away. That’s why he offers farm sitting, so you can feel confident that your horses are being looked in on, fed and watered by a professional while you’re gone.  El Shaddai Ranch specializes in horses, but Sean can handle whatever you’ve got: cows, sheep, pigs or goats. What he doesn’t know, experience will help him figure out the best solution.


If you have a larger operation, rest assured that Sean can feed any size herd, operate any form of equipment with instruction and handle any form of emergency that might come along. Just like any rancher, Sean is a plumber, electrician, mechanic and carpenter all rolled into one. He’s also level headed enough to know when to call in the experts.


  • What is the cost of farm sitting?

    Obviously, every situation is different, but essentially, the first 30 minutes is $30 and it’s $0.50 a minute after that. If you have a larger operation, please contact Sean directly so that you can discuss the scope of your operation and what you need and agree on a fee from there.

  • Will Sean come here?

    (how far will he travel from the PG area?)

    Sean is available in any direction around Prince George.

  • Does Sean stay on the property for the duration of the contract or travel back and forth?

    Sean runs El Shaddai Ranch year round, so he has his own operation to run on a daily basis. However, he will come to do your chores, check to make sure that everything is attended to and if there’s something that needs attention on top of the chores that have been agreed on, he’ll make sure the job gets done before he leaves.

  • Machinery that Sean is knowledgeable about?

    Actually, the question should be, what machinery CAN’T Sean run, because you’d be hard pressed to find something he can’t operate. If Sean doesn’t have experience with a piece of equipment needed for farm sitting your place, a little instruction and a lot of experience will have him up-to-speed in no time.




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Farm Sitting
Farm Sitting
Farm Sitting