Owner/Proprietor Sean Roberts is no stranger to horses. Raised in a saddle, Sean has developed a passion for riding and for the serenity of nature. This zeal has also given Sean a healthy dose of respect for the majesty of horses, along with an appreciation of how they can help humans experience the nature around them in a deeper, more meaningful way.

With 94 acres of forest, meadows, and bordering on crown land, the El Shaddai Ranch is fully enveloped by nature. Fifteen minutes south on highway 97, it’s also easy to get to.

Home to wildlife like moose, elk, deer, and bears, along with a menagerie of plant and tree life, we offer a chance to see the Omineca in all its undisturbed glory and natural habitat. With pillars of pine, fir, and spruce and canopies of poplar and birch, the forest is a cathedral unto itself. And the view from our lookout point allows you to take it all in at a glance.

Horseback riding offers a new way to experience this beauty, seperate from hikes or wilderness wandering. Riding, you can let your horse pay attention to the trail, so you can focus on the nature around you, allowing yourself to soak into the experience in a magnified way. Breathe the fresh air, listen to the bird-song and the animals rustling through the undergrowth and chattering away; let your senses take over and allow yourself to completely unwind.

Whether new, or well-seasoned, El Shaddai Ranch is perfect for everyone! $86 plus GST transports you into the wilderness and fresh air that will help you unwind and enjoy everything nature has to offer.